5 Amazing Facts About Tissot PR 516 Watch

Tissot has a wide collection of both men and women watches. The watch making company has the perfect selection of watches with colorful straps for both professionals as well as sports users. I got my hands on the Tissot Heritage PR 516 watch model: T0714301103100 recently and here’s what I think about the watch:

Features Explained


The Tissot Heritage PR 516 comes packed with a silver dial, which really catches the eye. Tissot is actually famous for making watches that have colorful dials, including colors like black, brown, blue, champagne, mother of pearl (white), red, silver, white, and grey. The silver dial allows the watch to be used by the buyers for official purposes as well as for parties.

Stainless steel case

This model has stainless steel case, which protects the watch from ugly looking scratches, and a bracelet that gives the watch a trendy appeal. Depending upon the model variation,  metal bracelet models come with polished edges and brushed surfaces.

Automatic movement

The Tissot Heritage PR 516 has automatic or mechanical movement, meaning the user would not have to worry about winding their watch every day to make sure that it is operating properly. The Automatic movement watches are very popular today as they harness their energy through the natural motion of the wrist of the wearer.

Sapphire crystal

Currently, there are two popular glasses that are being used in watches – the mineral glass and sapphire crystal. Both are strong and durable and it is really difficult to choose the best between the two. However, Sapphire Crystal glass is a synthetically produced crystal that is extremely durable. This model of Tissot has sapphire crystal, which makes the watch both tough and long-lasting.

Water Resistance

The water resistance of this watch is only up-to 100 meters, which means it can resist splashes and even swimming up to 100 meters depth of water. The watch cannot be used while scuba-diving, snorkeling and for doing other water related activities.


The Tissot Heritage PR 516 comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Date feature

This model has a Tissot ‘T’ logo in its dial and the words “Visodate, Automatic, Seastar, Tissot, PR 516, and GL” can be seen on the dial. Visodate actually refers to the highly legible date and day feature that is present on the watch. This also means readability of date and day is so clear that user can not ignore it.


User Reported Issues

Not a Sea Star – I have found that several users have complained that the watch cannot be used great depth of water because of the confusion caused by the name written on dial. It is certainly not a scuba diving watch.


Who should buy?

Any person who is looking for a reliable watch at an affordable price can buy this watch. This model has many variations and most bracelet combinations look very stylish and the silver dial of the watch is a beauty and my favorite.


Not recommended for

I won’t recommend the watch to scuba-divers or people who stay in water for longer than normal time intervals. The Tissot PR 516 Watch is amazing but one has to be careful when taking it to water for more than an hour or two.


Concluding thoughts

The watch making company – Tissot – has done a brilliant job on this watch. This model has one of the best designs and excellent looking dials. People who like innovative and clever features will like this watch. It looks good on hand – neither too conventional nor too funky. My verdict, go BUY it if you fancy similar style watches.

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