Citizen Eco Drive BV1080-18a Is So Famous, But Why?

Citizen has been one of the most popular and affordable brands for years with a large collection of both sports and professional watches including Eco-Drives. The multiple unique range caters for wider segments of the market. Citizen’s unique technology has been popular among the masses and for the same reason I am also a big fan. Lately I got hold of Citizen Eco Drive BV1080-18a and conducted my review on it.

Features Explained

Eco-drive & Battery requirement

The amazing eco-drive feature of the Citizen BV1080-18a enables the battery to be re-charged by light. Therefore, it never requires a battery. The eco-drive feature of the watch is designed to convert the artificial light as well as the natural light into energy to power the watch.

To clarify, the watch does not require any charger or winding to maintain continuous operation. The eco-drive feature of the BV1080-18a can charge the watch from any light, no matter what the quality of the light is. This amazing function of the watch makes it not only practical but also easy to use.

Lithium-ion cell

This model features a lithium-ion cell that stores energy, which is converted from the light within the watch. This watch, when fully charged, can run for over 7 years even in the dark. In addition, it comes with power save mode and low energy warning that allows the user to know when the watch needs to go in the light.

Analogue Display

The Citizen Eco drive BV1080-18a features Japanese quartz movement with analog display.

Solid watch

This model has mineral crystal dial window which allows the watch to resist scratches.


The BV1080-18a is water resistant up to 330 feet or 100 m. This means the watch can be exposed to water i.e. showering, swimming etc. However, it is not suitable for deep diving.


The manufacturer of the watch – Citizen Watch – provides a limited manufacturer warranty of 5 years for Citizen Eco drive BV1080-18a.


User reported issues

The band of the watch is not of superior quality as several users have reports problems related to the strap. The strap started showing sign of wear after only a month’s use. I recommend having a close look at the strap and also consider your life style before placing an order.


Who should buy?

This watch should attract many men or women who would like to buy a set and forget type of watch. It doesn’t even need a battery plus its looks compliment many outfits and supportive of extreme activities i.e. sports, swimming etc.


Not Recommended For

In my view people who wear very formal suits most of the time shouldn’t go for this because there are many other options available within Citizen’s portfolio.


Concluding Thoughts

The Citizen Eco-Drive BV1080-18a is an amazing watch. It is light on wrist but has a solid built. The watch is smart when it comes to looks and the user can wear with most outfits. On top of that it is an eco-friendly watch which makes it extra cool. My overall assessment, go BUY it.



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