5 Cheap Watches for Men that Really Are NO Cheap on Quality

I have been asked many times, are there any cheap watches for men that also happen to be good in quality too. My reply has always been simply stick to those brands that cater for wider range of buyers, meaning those manufacturers who produce lower price as well as luxury range watches. In reality there is no secret formula for finding good watches even if you are low on budget. Therefore, I thought let me just write about this topic and give you some examples with recommendations. So lets dive into it..


1. Casio Has The Answer To Everything.

Our first contender is Casio. It’s a world renowned Japanese brand who have hundreds if not thousands of models for most buyers. They are not only good value for money but also are amazing in looks. From digital to analogue watches, they are renowned for the quality. Find your Casio style here.

2. Citizen Is So Famous, But Why?

Citizen watches are next level up on price but deliver the combination of style and quality. Citizen is from Japan but have worldwide presence. They are equally popular with men and women. Citizen is also famous for its eco-drive and atomic watches range. Eco drive watches basically do not require battery and uses light source to power the watch. You can find more about Citizen watches and latest available deals here

3. Why Invicta Watches Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Invicta has been around for 100 years. They are famous for producing finely engineered watches at economical prices. You can find various Invicta models with 18K plating and sophisticated chronographs. Most people buy Invicta watches because they look expensive and do come with affordable price tags. Therefore, provide better value for money. Get the last deal on Invicta here

4. Is Seiko Still Relevant?

It surely is. Seiko is one of the trusted brands that has been manufcaturing watches for over 130 years. Seiko Japanese origin and its global presence evidently makes them quality watch producer. They specialise in multiple watch technologies i.e. spring drive, kinteic, mechanical, quartz and space linked GPS. Seiko’s range is wide and available at economical prices. Check out Seiko’s collection here.

5. The Modern Rules Of Accurist.

Its a british watch company operating since 1946. Accurist watches are popular at both sides of atlantic because of their reliability and affordability. Accurist had a major brand refresh in 2014 that introduced new line up which caused Accurist to become a main stream player. Look at Accurist Essential Attire here.


I hope this should have given you enough choices to make a good decision. However, if you are on a super low budget or these brands can’t seem to satisfy your taste then by all means look at the super deals that I have compiled for you at Amazon below. Don’t forget you can always come back to ask any question you may have on men’s watches via the comments section below or through email.


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12 thoughts on “5 Cheap Watches for Men that Really Are NO Cheap on Quality

  1. hi Fred, great article. Thanks for this. I have always appreciated watches and usually, I am always looking for the best value for money product in the market. Personally, your article is very timely because it has been few months since my watch broke down so I am now in the scouting phase again. I will look on all your suggested ones and will decide. Thanks again for this.

    1. Good to hear if this has helped. By all means let me know if you have any question when you start your hunt.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reviews! My watch of choice has to be citizen. Not only do they offer great style options, but because of the eco-drive technology. In five years I have never had to worry about replacing a battery, it charges as I wear it and is a wonderful feature that I highly recommend.

  3. Thank you for the review and links.
    Shopping for men’s watches has always been a challenge for me, so I am glad for the helpful information in your article. Now I can shop and compare easily!
    Thanks again!

  4. I am glad to know that Seiko is still popular and I just looked at Seiko watches and they look elegant as always, I think I might get one.

  5. Hi Fred,
    So far, I have had owned watches from Citizen, Casio & Seiko. They are not so pricey but have very good design & quality. Although I have moved on to smart watches now, but I still keep them. They are still in working order, maybe just need a change of battery. 🙂

    1. I know Alex. Smart watches are good but they require charging up almost on daily basis. Maybe one day we will have equally longer battery life as we have them on current Citizen, Casio and Seiko.

  6. Hi, Fred!
    Great article. I would love to buy a watch as a gift so thank you for your recommendations. At least, now I know a little bit about watches for men.

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