Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 Review

During the Apollo 15 mission in 1971, Bulova made space history when a moon pilot chronograph, which was designed and customized by engineers working at Bulova, was worn on the moon. Now, the watch making company is getting popular again with its special edition Moon Watch that are updated with high performance quartz movement for unparalleled accuracy and precision timing. I recently got my hands on the amazing watch dubbed Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 and here is my review for it –

Features Explained


It is not possible every time that a watch you wear is exactly the same watch which was worn by none other than the popular astronaut David Scott during the Apollo 15 mission. It is a limited edition watch that has a fantastic history involving moon and astronauts.


The Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 has six hand calendar chronograph, date and one-hour stop watch with a 1/120 second sub-dial.

Stainless Steel

The watch comes with a stainless steel screw-back case that has black dial and a silver-tone finish. In addition to this, this model is powered by the high-performance and amazing UHF quartz movement of Bulova. The diameter of the case is 45mm.

Sapphire Glass

To protect the watch from ugly scratches and any minor falls, the dial of the watch is made of anti-reflective sapphire glass.

Water Resistant

This model by Bulova is water resistant up to the limited level only, which is 50m or 164ft. This means that the Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 can withstand only brief immersion in water and limited splashes. This watch is not suitable for any water related activity including swimming, fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.


This amazing watch by Bulova has a limited manufacturer warranty of three years.

Interchangeable Straps

This watch comes with two interchangeable straps – one a black nylon with a leather patch and, other, a textured black leather strap. The user can decide what to wear on which occasion and can even change the strap whenever they want.

User Reported Issues

 The only issue that I found related to this watch was that the Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 has low resistance to water. People who forget to take off their watch before swimming, bathing or doing any other water related activity may suffer a huge loss due to this.

Who should buy?

Men who are interested in the history of the Apollo Mission or who are attracted to unique watches should buy this amazing watch. It has all the important features and it is affordable as well.

Not recommended for

I would not recommend this watch to scuba divers, swimmers or people who have forgetful habit to take their watches off before going into the water.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 is a great watch with all the necessary features. It is simply not an ordinary watch on your wrist to watch the time, it is a masterpiece. Several features of this watch like space connection, high performance quartz and sapphire glass make this worthy of your attention and certainly offer good value for money.




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