About Me

It all started couple of years ago when all of a sudden, the idea of wearing a watch popped into my mind. Thanks to Inception style hypnotic effect created by one Hollywood movie, consequently, I started justifying the reasons to buy one although I had already made up my mind. Up until then mobile phone did fabulous job, even now it works fine as an alternative. However, I just needed a watch that reflects my personality and tick all the boxes in my wish list.

Soon, I delved into the research process. Yes, through my long old friend google.

What happened next was quite natural and obvious, Information Overload. Got overwhelmed by so many choices, especially each one having tons of good reviews. I call this “Hanged” moment, those of you who have worked on PCs from 90’s era can relate to this term without any struggle.

Besides all the ambiguities surrounding selection, one thing I was sure about I really wanted the chronograph watches. Not because, the science or mechanics involved. It’s just that my inner self was more inclined towards them.

What I found though, there was not even a single site that could explain or review chronograph watch models in a language that common human beings could understand. Complex navigation, jargon rich information and email address of distant alien species who would never respond, not at least in my lifetime.

On the other hand there were big online giants where fake reviews could mislead. Yeah, you heard it right, reviews on many online stores could be faked to raise the popularity of product. For many watches that I shortlisted just didn’t live up to expectations when I tested them in real world.

At this point, I decided to do something about it. The idea of starting up a website popped up a while back but it took its due time to become a reality. I picked up chronograph watches to write about because I love the way they convey the statement about personality plus they simply look great.

With this intent, I hope this site would help my fellow shoppers who face similar dilemma or suffer information overload syndrome in this time and age. The core purpose behind is to help the selection process by introducing the genuine deals, reviewing authentic chronograph watches in a simplistic manner to save time or money.

Please feel free to contact me through the contact details provided or commenting on posts, if you require further help or provide any feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

On this note, I wish you good luck with your buying process.